About Us

Who We Are
​Riyadah International Advanced Co. Riadco is a Saudi company based in Riyadh, that provides business solutions for medicine, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, and Food sector, starting from managing storage operations and passing through product registration with SFDA and ending with managing client projects by equipping warehouses, factories, and showrooms according to the highest specifications standards.

​We seek leadership and become a major element and a successful partner in the business and services we provide.

Riadco's mission is embodied in always being at the best of our customer’s expectations of us and providing innovative and distinguished solutions of high quality and reasonable cost with a commitment to continuous development and improvement and the optimal use of available resources through qualified personnel and modern technologies to contribute effectively to raising the level of services provided.

Riadco was established in the city of Riyadh as a trading company engaged in the import and distribution of skin care products and as an authorized distributor for several companies from different countries of the world.

The company has expanded its activities by providing warehousing services to third parties at the highest standards for its customers in the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic fields.

The organizational structure of the company has been developed and the project management department has been established, as it is concerned with preparing and rehabilitating warehouses, factories, and showrooms in the field of medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, and food sectors..

We aim for overall excellence in all we do and achieve complete customer satisfaction given our commitment to our values and principles. We seek to ensure professional care in all our activities, keeping in mind the importance of strengthening a sound professional relationship with our customers, business partners, and employees.



We seek to achieve full commitment to all agreements that we inter to, as well as laws and regulations issued by the organizing authorities.


We constantly develop our capabilities to ensure the effectiveness of our human resources to provide the best and most appropriate service according to the needs of our clients.

Work Environment

We believe success requires focusing on creating a stimulating environment supported by highly experienced professionals. We work in a team spirit and adopt the principle of effective participation with our customers.


​Our strategy is based on ensuring a high level of quality in the work we do, not only to satisfy the renewed needs of our customers but also to achieve our long-term vision.